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MAY 23 | Elements of Entrepreneurship: Business Development Strategies (clone) (20240523)

Growing your business beyond the startup phase can be challenging. Scaling your business requires strategic planning, resources, effective execution, and forecasting for the future. In the fourth “Elements of Entrepreneurship” course, Business Development Strategies, we will discuss the key elements required to successfully expand your business.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
-Describe your ideal client.
-Identify components of successful unique value propositions and business brands.
-Discuss strategies to expand your network of clients.
-Express a vision for your business’s future.

This webinar will dive deeper into several facets of business growth, such as successfully building your brand, engaging with ideal clients, and nurturing business relationships. It will prepare you to overcome some of the challenges that women entrepreneurs face, while also inspiring you to continuously dream about and implement expansion strategies.

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